Welsh Allan knows how to use his man flu time wisely, in this case working through piles of DV tapes gifted to him by Matt Davis with the results below in 'Swales: Through the Lens of Matt Davis'. Mostly made up of Allan, Sam Pulley, Beanhead, Tom Bailey and more shredding the concrete and wooden curves of South Wales, the last 60 seconds is made up of clips of Matt filmed between 2001 and 2008 by Tidy Mike, Saul Evans and more. Press play below for a general mixture of Welsh and West Country ripping!

"If you know you know, Matt gave me a load of DV tapes he had, I am stuck indoors ill off my face and decided now was the time to go through them, the audio is off and sometimes completely out of sync but i am sure you will live... The first half is footage filmed over a week in 2015 at Hereford, Monmouth and The Shed, footage of myself, Beanhead, Codman, Dan Westbury, Sam Pulley, Tom Bailey, Meatball. The second half is just over a minute of Matt footage from his time living in Bristol back to some footage filmed in Abergavenny followed by a end of Skate Extreme and then the short lived Newort Spytty bowls. Lovely bit of nostalgia probably my most enjoyable time riding a wooden plank with a lovely group of people, safe Matt."