If for some daft reason, you don't already receive our Sunday Service newsletter, I'll fill you in on what's happening over the next few Sundays.

Toby Bachelor, who oversaw the editing process for Wisdom Skateshops seminal 2000 Leeds/Bradford VHS release "Pulling Teeth", has kindly sent us over the DV master for the video in order for us to share it with you lot and get it archived online, enlightening those who missed out the first time around.

Staying true to the videos original running order, we'll be uploading two sections a week from now until when the entire thing is online, so expect to see plenty of classic West Yorkshire footage over the next few weekends.

The following weeks will see the likes of Tom Brown, James 'Schoolboy' Ewens, Paul Silvester, Howard and Adam Cooke, Scott Palmer, Dave Walker, pissed up OAPs and more dirty Northerners than you can shake an empty can of White Ice at, but for this week, check below for the videos intro and the opening section from a 16 year old Doug McLaughlan, long before he turned into to bloke-like musician that he is today!

See you next Sunday for more!

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Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Doug McLaughlan