This weeks Sunday Service sees us landing back in 2001, as we bring you Milton Keynes OG Rob Selley and the all terrain Rodney Clarke's infamous joint section from the first (and last) Reaction Skateboards video release 'Creation'.

'Creation' dropped following an intense period of filming for the Reaction team which saw them undertake several UK tours - comprising of both street missions and demo stops - as well as bouts of filming on home turf and further afield. Greg Finch held the opening section, Neil Urwin took care of the curtains, though the likes of Leo and Jody Smith, Matt Fowler and Flynn Trotman came through with full parts throughout. One of the more memorable and often cited highlights of 'Creation' is the part that Rob Selley and Rodney Clarke ended up sharing. In classic form, Rob keeps things tech at the pre-Buszy bus station in Milton Keynes, Rodney Clarke puts in some solid all-terrain work around the UK and beyond, and the short 1 minute 32 second section is accompanied by a freestyle that name-checks them both...

"A spliff and a beer all up in the belly, they go together like caps and Rob Selley..."


Sunday Service: Rob Selley and Rodney Clarke - 'Creation' (2001)