This Sunday we've decided to point your eyes in the direction of an oftern overlooked gem from one of the UKs most prolific heads, Mark Baines.

Our 'In Progress - Bonus Disc' came free with the December 2011 issue of the mag, and was comprised of half an hours worth of unused footage from the main 'In Progress' video. Alongside the likes of Harry Lintell, Barney Page, Carl Shipman, James Foster, Conhuir and Denis Lynn, Tom Harrison, Nicky Howells and the rest, Mark also held another full part which closed the DVD, filmed by various VX wielders all across the UK and Europe (with a little bit of China thrown in for good measure). Naturally, the lion's share of the footage did come from Matt Hirst and Dan Magee.

Remind yourself of this solid chunk of Baines footage by hitting the play button now!