It's currently Saturday evening and we only just realised that in a handful of hours it's going to be Sunday morning, and we'd totally forgot to sort something out for this weeks "Sunday Service". So, as we do in all moments of doubt, we turned to the genius that is Nick Remon and asked him what his favourite video part ever was.

"Dunno. Rowley's "Sorry" part's got to be up there..."

That's enough for us. Ladies and gentlemen, click the play button below to witness one of Nick Remon's favourite video parts ever - Geoff Rowley in Flip Skateboards legendary debut video release "Sorry" (2002).

Geoff's a beast, this part is insane and still stands up today, nearly a whole decade on from its release. One of the gnarliest parts of all time? I'd say so...

See you next Sunday!

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