At this very moment, the Flip team, including Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny, David Gonzales, Mark Appleyard, Rodrigo Tx and the army of amateurs, are on a little mission around various parts of the UK.

Yesterday should have seen the Bay 66 demo go off, with a second demo scheduled for Tuesday (July 1st) at Stoke Plaza.

Keep an eye on the site for exclusive coverage from the tour in the very near future, but as somewhat of a celebration, here's a collection of photos from the last Flip UK demo, held at Prissick Plaza on July 2nd, 2006.

Check 'part 2' for the footage!

David Gonzales - Frontside Krook

Shane Cross - Frontside Feeble

Geoff Rowley - Fakie Bigspin Heelflip

Continues on page two...

Ali Boulala - Switch Tailslide

Rune Glifberg - Madonna

Shane Cross - Shuvit Nosegrind

Tom Penny - Fakie Lazerflip