The latest issue of the mag has made its way into skateshops around the UK this week, with Vans UK rider, Superdead am, Indy and Bones representative and Lost Artist Denis Lynn adorning the cover.

Those of you who paid attention to DLynn's Haunts interview a few months back will already be aware that Denis has been killing it over in Belfast for years now, despite only being 18 years old. For those of you who don't know, check out his first photo in the mag (five years after he had feutus like photos published in Document and Kingpin) in this weeks newsletter, that should now be waiting for you in your inbox. Though this photo was first published in June 2005, it was actually shot in late 2003, whilst Conhuir was gathering photos for his Haunts that came out in Feb 2004.

Check out Denis' first proper section - taken from the MonkeyBird video "Six Counties" that was released on VHS back in 2002 - by clicking play below,tThen head to any of the currently confirmed Sidewalk "In Progress" premieres to witness what Denis and older brother Conhuir have been up to these last few years...

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