After Andy Scott's performance at Beast Rampz the weekend before last, we thought it was about time to dig out some more brilliance from the Bolton Jedi to send your way via our Sunday Service.

Andy's section from the 2007 Death Skateboards DVD 'Better Than Life' was filmed primarily over the course of 2005-2007 and brought together event highlights and footage from sessions all over the country, ending with one of the first documented kickflip eggplants, which are bafflingly commonplace in Andy's runs these days. His short but obviously heavily rewound section here was also his first full section since his appearance on the seminal Deathbox VHS release 'Spirit of the Blitz' back in 1990, though was quickly followed by a lengthy part on the independent northern scene release 'Baghead Flats' which dropped the following March.

Hit the play button below now anyway and allow some Bolton nonchalance into your Sunday morning!