Words by Mr David Chesson!

Last weekend saw the now bi-yearly StreetFest event in Old St in East London. In amongst all the stuff going on in the day was a mini ramp jam and game of skate. Trick lists aside, the skating went absolutley crackers. Arron Sweeney smashed it in his usual way, newcomer Alex Lally and Ewan Bower both skated really well too.

Dave Wallace took home 1st and some loot in the game of Skate in a nail biting final with Dan Tomlinson. Dan just missed out by 1 letter on a f/s nollie heelflip revert if I remember correctly.

By all accounts everyone had a cracking time. Some went home with some cash, nearly everyone went home with new shoes and some pear cider was drunk.

Big thanks to everyone who turned up and skated on the day, Stu Loven'Skate, MC Brewster, Greg Beer, Mayo, Adidas and Kopperberg cider for making the day a good 'un.

Keep your eyes peeled for an edit soon

Next one should be around October time - get involved!


Mini Ramp Jam

1st - Aaron Sweeny

2nd - Alex Lally

3rd - Ewan Bower

Game of SKATE

1st - Dave Wallace

2nd - Dan Tomlinson