The National co. beast and Vans lad Joshhead Young has compiled his top 5 moments from NASS and some are pretty wild!

Stu Graham proves why he's one of the best people in skateboarding:

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Words and photos by the man himself:

1: Stu Graham street course poo.

I think it was 2012 when the infamous Stuart Graham made a cow pat on what was supposed to be the ‘street grass gap’. I don’t know whether this was a form of protest or he couldn’t find the bogs, 'but it was funny non the less. Alas, the poo crew came and disposed of it leaving only a stain of what can be described as ‘the stench'.

stu graham street course shit

[part title="2. Andy Scott Goliath"] 2: Andy Scott Goliath.

The big ski jump dubbed “Goliath" after legal action from “Mega ramp" was always an amazing idea, you don’t have to be Pythagoras to figure, drunk skaters + ski jump = LOL’s.

Any way Andy Scott decided it would be a good idea to do a wind swept no-footed ollie and a 360 kick flip melon piece of peas!

Relentless NASS 2009: Goliath skate qualifiers a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

[part title="3: Stu Graham head squash."] 3: Stu Graham head squash.

This was one of the gnarliest slams I’ve ever witnessed, Stu is never one to not get up from a slam, he is the ogre after all. But this one took him out for sure, even after receiving an abundance of staples in his skull he still managed to laugh it off. Chuck Norris salutes you…

stu graham stapled skull

[part title="4: Street spot"] 4: Street spot

Running commentary from Nicky Howells, Brazilian self props and doppelgänger’s a plenty. This thing looked gnarly! But the Howler’s comedy alone should’ve won this one.

NASS 2011 - Street Spots highlights a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

[part title="5: Girls comp"] 5: Girls comp

In 2011 the girls went off! Going switch down rails, hard flipping from head high drops and showing Dave Duncan how to dance… sort of.

NASS 2011 - Rubicon Girls Comp a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk