A solid slice of winter hype here, with Street Feet teaming up with Live Skateboard Media and hitting the icy Canadian streets at night for the incredible 'Equinox'. Mostly filmed in Toronto, with a touch of Detroit and Reading (the latter courtesy of Dom Henry), this will silence most weather complaints.

Enjoy the jazz/Bukowski combo, take out a shovel and a hip flask and make the session happen...

Filmed and directed by Rob Mentov.

Featuring Ryan Kehrer, Dom Henry, Malcolm Yarde, Scott Varney, Matt Roberts, Will Baigent, Terence Goddard, Isaac Watamaniuk, Lee Yankou, Rob Mentov, Alex Barron, Pat O'Rourke, Joe Yates, Robert Carley, Cory Wozney, Jay Brown and Greg Vandermey.