On the Spot - Lloyds, Bristol Parts 1 & 2

With the release of Mike Arnold's Lloyds section today by Skateboard Cafe we figured that it was time to reup this Kingpin Mag two-part documentary on the history of Bristol's most iconic street spots, seeing as it had somehow disappeared from YouTube.

Filmed and edited by James Cruikshank, On the Spot Lloyds, Bristol traces the history of the spot from its earliest days behind construction fencing, speaking to the many OG skaters who first sampled its ledges way back in the early 90's. Parts 1 and 2 also feature shit loads of archive footage of all manner of visiting skaters sessioning Lloyds including the likes of Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Rob Welsh, plus countless UK heads.

Part 2 brings the story up to date with contemporary footage of locals such as Mike Arnold and Korahn Gayle, plus the next generation of Bristol skaters who have migrated to Lloyds.

A straight up UK skateboarding history lesson right here.