Spitfire Wheels presents ‘Charred Remains: Arson Department II’, which sees the raw footage of their team annihilating spots across the Bay Area (following up the first round, which was similarly gnarly). From OG skateparks to huge DIY projects and from backyard vert ramps to massive handrails, with everything in between getting a look in at some point, this was one of the best promos we stumbled across in some time and the raw footage does not disappoint!

Grant Taylor, Ronnie Sandoval, Raney Beres, Jamie Foy, Taylor Kirby, Ishod Wair and Zion Wright are the main focus of this one, (in what was by our reckoning the third edit in a seven day period to be filmed in the area alongside Nike SB’s True To Form and the Lakai X Our Life Sock collaboration clip.) Potrero Park and Lower Bob’s DIY get a serious seeing too! While the ‘before they were shit’ Sepultura and ‘before they were shit’ Outkast unarguably showed a genius touch to the original edit, it's still sick to get the chance to see a raw, extended cut from the filming missions and give it your own soundtrack (I've gone for an eclectic touch in the form of one of Mark Lamarr's 'God's Own Jukebox' radio shows).

We're obviously still hyped on Ronnie Sandoval’s backside boneless off of the fence at that park that Raney Beres destroys in Chestnut Hill – pause it at the point of re-entry and peep the shapes all over again. The backyard vert session also makes some particularly good sounds unencumbered by a soundtrack laid over the top. To be honest though, and as mentioned before - it’s impossible to pick highlights in a video this good, just press play and enjoy the sensation of your face being melted!

Also featuring Evan Smith, Daan Van Der Linden, Hermann Stene, Harry Lintell, Simon Jensen, Dennis Busenitz, Bobby Worrest, Peter Ramondetta, Matt Gottwig, Raven Tershy, Max Schaaf, Peter Hewitt, Austin Kanfoush, James Capps, Ty Peterson, Alex Conn, Jack Curtin and John Dilorenzo.

Filmed and Edited by Mack Scharff.

Photography by Gabe Morford.