We're stoked to see this Spirit Quest remix of Jimmy Lannon and Zach Lyons' footage from Colin Read's banging video, and you should be too. With creativity oozing from both skating and editing this is definitely one to watch, the rest of the Magenta team (Ben Gore, Glen Fox, Leo Valls, Soy Panday, and Vivien Feil) provide solid back up and you'll undoubtedly be inspired to see previously unassuming spots in a new light...

Filmed and edited by Colin Read. Animations by Colin Read and Cosme Studio.

Additional filming by Shinpei Ueno, Shigeta Iha, and Marshall Nicholson.

Catch the full video to see the rest of Jimmy and Zach’s footage, as well as parts with Bobby Worrest, Quim Cardona, Marty Murawski, Chris Jones, Hiroki Muraoka, Vincent Touzery, and many, many more.