Bored skateshop have teamed up with Spitfire wheels in order to create a special, limited edition, 'Save Southsea Skatepark' shirt. As you may or may not know, Southsea skateparks future has been in doubt for quite some time, so Bored skateshop have taken it upon themselves to generate interest to the cause to safeguard its existence.

With one run of only 200, the shirts, which are available in three colours, were made available on October 4th, so get in touch with Bored for one now before they are gone for good. All profits from the shirts will go directly to the Southsea Skatepark User Group, helping to cover costs of a potential renovation.

Southsea skatepark is a certified UK landmark and is more than worthy of your support. Hit up now for further info and to bag up a shirt!