Perception Films have been working on a documentary entitled 'The Source Park - Bringing the White Rock Back to Life', which follows the process of Hastings-based shop The Source and their development of the unused swimming baths lurking beneath Hastings seafront into a massive indoor skatepark. Check out the trailer below, keep an eye out for the finished film and in the meantime, head down to Hastings next time the weather stops play on your weekend's car park dreams...

A documentary covering the 2 year regeneration process of a subterranean building in the coastal town of Hastings. Built in the 1800's, the space has been home to Turkish & Victorian Baths, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a cinema, a 1970's skatepark and in the 1980's, an ice rink. After lying derelict for 18 years, The Source BMX Shop are moving into the space and bringing it back to life.

Full length documentary in progress.

Directed & Shot by Tom Pickard

Edit - Asher Thornton