The Rollersnakes 2013 Summer Tour kicks off tomorrow, with the first demo taking place at Bass Recreational Ground in Derby on Monday.

With John Bell, Becky Jaques, Kelley Dawson, Harry Lintell, Nick Roberts, Kris Vile and newest RS recruit Dylan Hughes all in attendance, you know this is going to be a summer mission to remember!

To get you in the mood, here are five choice cuts from the Snakes crew to enhance your Saturday - see you on the road...

John Bell - 'Keep Keen' (2010)

Kelley Dawson - Get Lesta 'What's Cookin'?' (2012)

Harry Lintell - Sidewalk 'In Progress' (2011)

Kris Vile - Get Lesta 'One Hour on the Ideal Mini' (2012)

Becky Jaques - 'Batface' (2009)