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You might have noticed over the course of the week that in late 2013, the mighty Death Skateboards celebrated their fifteenth year of existence. Well, to run alongside Dan Cates' ongoing five part tour blog and the full edit from the mission which dropped online on Wednesday morning, we thought we'd dedicate today's 'Something for the Weekend' to the company's first decade and a half!

This is by no means comprehensive, but have a click through the following pages to find a few selected highlights from Death's first fifteen years, then be sure to head on back on Monday morning for part four of Dan's blog!

[part title="Death Squad"]

Death Squad: The Movie (1998)

Produced in 1998, ‘Death Squad: The Movie’ was the first unofficial video from Death Skateboards and the affiliated Death Squad crew.

Described in it’s Sidewalk ‘Remote Viewing’ review as “a rancid breath of fresh air", this video is still as amazing today as it was 15 years ago.

Grab yourself a brew and enjoy, and massive props to the Sidewalk Forum’s Frocker for making it happen!

Featuring Dan Cates, Nick Zorlac, Martin Herrick, Chris Wolfe, Ginger Steve, Jay-Bone and countless others.

[part title="'Pulling Teeth' advert"]

Early Death Skateboards advert - from the 2000 Wisdom Skateshop VHS 'Pulling Teeth'.

[part title="The Big Push 2007"]

Death's Document 'Big Push' submission from 2007 - with Dan Cates, Rob Smith, Mark Nicolson, Boots, Horsey, Carl Wilson, Adam Moss and Dean Palmer.

[part title="Dave Allen - 'Better Than Life' (2007)"]

Dave Allen - 'Better Than Life' (2007)

[part title="Dean Palmer - 'Ordinary Madness' (2012)"]

Dean Palmer - 'Ordinary Madness' (2012)