The dashing Chris Jones has been a Sidewalk favourite for a long time now, so this week we decided to rummage through the archives and bring you a collection of classic Chris Jones clips to enhance and inspire your Saturday morning.

Have a click through the clips below now to take in some CYC trained Bank Manager brilliance...

'The Crayon Promo' (2007)

[part title="Through The Eyes Of Chris Jones."]

Through The Eyes Of: Chris Jones (2010)

[part title="Crayon Retrospective."]

Crayon Retrospective (2011)

[part title="Sidewalk 'In Progress'."]

Sidewalk 'In Progress' (2011)

[part title="Crayon Skateboards 'Five Years'."]

Crayon Skateboards 'Five Years' (2013) with James Coyle...