Seems as we started to upload all of the shoe based interviews from our 2013 Sidewalk Skateboard Buyers Guide, we thought we might as well bring you some extra sections from the humans that we featured this week.

Click through the pages below for visual goodness from Mark Appleyard, Raul Navarro, Jamie Thomas and Wes Kremer, then head on back on Monday for the next interview...

Mark Appleyard - Flip 'Sorry'

[part title="Raul Navarro"]

Raul Navarro - Nomad 'A Nomad Point of View'

[part title="Jamie Thomas"]

Jamie Thomas - Zero 'Misled Youth'

[part title="Wes Kremer"]

Wes Kremer - 'Not Another Transworld Video'

[part title="Mark Appleyard"]

Mark Appleyard - 'Soul Rebel'