Dev Green Cockmaster

Everyone who has grown up in and around skateparks knows that they can be strange places; from legitimate crew meet up points where the good vibes flow to scooter run sub-lord of the flies hellholes, none of them really seem too connected to what goes on in the outside ‘real’ world.

This gives certain events and sights a surreal edge in a manner that would make Spike Milligan proud. A large dollop of childish and overtly offensive humour finds its way across no more than in the graffiti which covers almost every skatepark I have been to. For various reasons, here are some of our favourites skatepark graffiti examples.

Beast Woman

Beast Woman

Tucked away in the dense drawings and scrawlings on the back wall of Leyton miniramp, this is one of my favourite pieces of work – the wonky eyes, the high heels, the breasts rising straight out of the neck – complete retarded genius.



Taking up a fair amount of surface area at Clissold skatepark, I included this mostly because the more you look at this, the creepier it gets.



A heady brew of Satanism and phallic scrawling, Freud would shit.

Suck a fart

suck a fart

Half of the pleasure is in knowing that someone has taken time out of their day to break into some wasteland and then proceed to write ‘Suck a fart out my arse’ on a block.

Stickmen Spitroast

Undoubtedly one of my favourite pieces of graffiti I've come across.

Spliff General

spliff general

Shelltoed boots and swinging dick, spliff general will fuck you up!

Shit Joke

shit joke



Brass Eye represent!

Kanye West

And some Kanye West loving too...


Dev Green Cockmaster

A Sheffield classic regularly painted over by the council and regularly getting repainted - 2K13 champions!