Caverna House

When Itanhaem local Anselmo Arruda inherited his childhood home after the passing of his parents he had only one thing in mind - namely, to transform the house that he grew up in into a community resource and give it to the skateboarders, musicians, artists and disadvantaged youth of his hometown.

The project began in 2010 with the simple addition of one ledge to his back yard for his own use. As word spread, the Caverna House project took on a life of its own with the local scene pitching in to develop the idea.

Soon Anselmo, with the help of his friends, had removed all the furniture from inside his property, removed internal walls and begun the process of turning what had been a normal residence into something altogether remarkable.

Five years after the initial ledge was completed, Anselmo's house is now known locally as the 'Coletivo Caverna' with the entire house made skateable, both indoors and out, and Anselmo and his crew providing skateboarding, music and artistic learning opportunities for any local kids who are keen to get involved.

Anselmo and the Coletivo Caverna crew have created something truly special here and have asked us to help them share what they've achieved with the wider skateboard community.

For anybody interested in getting involved and/or donating to their cause you can go to their Facebook page by clicking this link

Now turn the page and watch Tiago Gerolamo's amazing video documenting the goings on at the Caverna Skate House.

Truly life-affirming stuff...

Anselmo fs flip in caverna house quater

Home-owner and DIY kingpin Anselmo Arruda frontside flips in his own front room.

Photo: Tiago Gerolamo

Matheus wallride caverna

"So if we get rid of the flatscreen and stop watching total shite on the telly I can wallride next to a massive graff skull? Keen! Where's the hammer?"

Photo: Tiago Gerolamo

Mauricio Gouveia 360 flip

Another member of the Caverna crew 360 flipping in what used to be Anselmo's hallway.

Photo: Tiago Gerolamo

Bowl under construction

The latest addition to the never-ending Caverna Skate House.

Big up everyone!

Photo: Tiago Gerolamo

Anselmo ollie at the shore of Itanhaem

Let's end this on some extra props for the guy who made it all possible.

Anselmo Arruda leaping walls on the Itanhaem sea front.

Photo: Tiago Gerolamo

Anselmo fs boardslide at the boat

One last shot of Anselmo to get you hyped.

Now get the trowels out and start building!

Photo: Tiago Gerolamo