The Skate Pharmacy James Bush Interview sees Buszy's finest fielding a barrage of questions/abuse down the phone from Powley regarding his recent turning pro for Fabric Skateboards. Check out the interview via the lovely caffeine themed portrait or pastel blue text below, then go watch a minute of raw clips from James skating the mean streets of Thanet, also courtesy of Skate Pharmacy as well as the lens of Ben Wilks.

If you're heading up to the Get Lesta 'Last Orders' premiere happening this weekend at Broom Skatepark in Leicester then you can expect more MK-trained technical madness, we're sure...

"My hopes and aspirations are that I can continue not leaving the Buszy, this is my means of saving the world, as I’m worried that if I ever skated anywhere else, it would cause a tear in space and time and the world would cease to exist."