Photography by Rich West - text by Aryan Ashoori

On 5th of October, Skate Nepal and Outtallectuals merged forces to premiere the film Ekaterina Anchevskaya and I made about the construction of Nepal's first international skatepark in one of the sports complex of one of the country's tourist city hubs, Pokhara.

The film premiered to a fully packed 140-seat cinema with the solid human that is Bryce (of Parlour skate store fame) spinning tunes and free booze flowing in abundance thanks to the good people at the House of Vans.

Skate Nepal 5

The project had been in the works since 2016 and began when a number of skaters from around the world visited Nepal independently and embarked on a mission to do fundraisers for new / renovated skatepark projects.

Skate Nepal 4

Over the next year, once everyone became aware of each other’s similar intentions, a mega-pact was formed leading to the $20k+ funds raised, and the building of this giant skatepark with 90+ volunteers from around the planet pitching in to make it happen.

Skate Nepal 2
Skate Nepal 6

Fast-forward to the premiere, and Skate Nepal co-founder Daryl Dominguez hooked up the House of Vans connect and the cinema was filled out for the screening and a Q&A session. The opportunity was used to also showcase Ekaterina's photo exhibition of Annapurna Skatepark. Funds were also raised and heaps of skate donations were received, leading to the shipment of 20+ boards and bunch of other skate goods to Nepal.

Skate Nepal 1

We want to thank everyone who took part, raised awareness about the premiere and came to the event.

Extra love to Sidewalk for covering the event!

Skate Nepal 3