Rainy Irish days in June – what can you do?

Well, faced with a day of traditional Irish downpours, the legendary Jay Dords kindly gave up the whereabouts of the mythical (if not extremely hard to skate) 'eggpipe', then we ventured north of the border into Belfast for a session at the sometimes partly undercover MonkeyBird Social Club. Or ‘The Driving Range’, if you prefer.

Once again featuring Conhuir Lynn, Ben Grove, Matthew Nevitt, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Gav Coughlan and Keith Walsh along with an appearance from Denis Lynn, seen here skating for the first time in 6 months, on someone else's borrowed board and shoes, both of which were the wrong sizes. Classic.

Episode 3 will be with you next week – if you need more Crates action before then you’ll be pleased to learn that all previous episodes can be found here.

Skate Crates - Ireland, June 2010 - Episode 2.