Pure Hi-8 gold right here in the first of Andy Evans Skate Crates.

Andy has been filming UK skateboarding since the late 80's and has one of the most varied archives of footage out there.

Part 1 of The Demo's Episodes features footage from the 1991 Powell demo at Bath's Victoria Park and a combined Faze 7 Real, 6040, Consolidated and Black Label demo at Shrewsbury from 1992.

A lot of this footage has never been seen before, so prepare yourself for footage of Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Mike Manzoori, John Cardiel, Karma, Mark Gonzales, Salman Agah, Tim Brauch, Alan Peterson, Curtis McCann and more from a time when nobody but skateboarders gave two shits about skateboarding.


Head back tomorrow for Part 2 for vintage Tom Penny, Rick Howard, Danny Way and more.

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