Simon Evans San Francisco 1993

Here's a treat for you courtesy of Sam Griffin who has unearthed this gem from the seething mass of content hosted on YouTube (EDIT - it disappeared from YouTube but the same clip reappeared on Vimeo sometime later.)

Simon Evans footage is extremely rare, despite Simon being one of the most well known faces of the early 90's London skate scene and featuring heavily in TLB era R.A.D magazine. Previously Simon's appearances on video were confined to early issues of 411VM, cameos in Mike Manzoori's 'Sound & Vision' and a short section after the credits of the New Deal promo which was released in 1990 before the iconic Useless Wooden Toys video. This Simon Evans San Francisco 1993 clip surfaced on the HargoSolomon YouTube channel two days ago and will bring a smile to the face of anyone old enough to remember Simon's pioneering technical skateboarding.

SImon Evans Something Completely Different from adam schneider on Vimeo.