Following from the first part of 'Sidewalk vs Shitknees' at Wakestock, today Nic Powley blogs us the first part of his snapshots and comedic anecdotes from this years Mystic Cup in Prague.

The second part will be online tomorrow, so check back then for more!

Snaps and captions by Nic Powley

Plasterer lost his wheel in the bowl straight away.

This is how we’re livin’ – The Hilton.

Cherished number plate, shame it’s not on a decent car.

Jagermeister for Breakfast is not a good look.

Yeah Tourism!

Olly, Fake Euro Kev, Kev.

Kris Vile – Birmingham No.1 Rasta (except maybe UB40)

Pas eye had it all on tape.

That’s Amore

Bowl sesh with a drunk Italian.

“Did I get through or what” Late night results checking at the bar.

Will the real Danny Wainwright please stand up. Dannys Czech twin who was actually called Danny too.