'Shitknees' mastermind and self styled 'boss' type character Nic Powley recently found himself contractually obliged to attend a couple of weekend long events that he's blogged for us, the first been the follow up to last years ultimate washout, Wakestock, and the second been the Mystic Cup in Prague.

Have a scroll through the image collection below to see what went down at Wakestock, and check back tomorrow for the second installment of 'Sidewalk vs Shitknees' from Prague.

Snaps and captions by Nic Powley.

This is how we chill – VIP wig wams and beers!

Churchill started feeling a bit fruity.

And the crowd went mild!

Porno Paul keeps the crowd entertained with his phone ring tone selections and by asking out every female in sight!

The traditional Wakestock abusathon continues.

Manhead loved the Schwinn and his gay little flag.

Nordberg was as useless as ever and lost his skateboard.

Tyreman decided a headband would suit this weeks image.

I’m not too sure what look Churchill was going for here?

“Manhead do a crail grab to fakie”. Oh ok, first go.

Backstreets Back Alright!

Churchill minutes before I got in a fight and hit someone with that crutch!


Vans BMX Team Manager Jon Taylor on a DJ booth invasion.

If you can’t find a pole to dance on sometimes you just need to improvise.

Look at the state of this guy, he used to be Dave Chesson.