There's a special subs deal available to NASS revelers this year - details below:

So it's...

FREE Flip t-shirt

FREE Indy web belt

FREE Krooked coin pouch

FREE Sidewalk stickers



12 issues direct to your door

All for only £29.99

If any NASS attendees want to take up this offer at the price of £29.99, be warned, it is a direct debit offer. You will need your sort code and account number, and valid evidence of this (either you bank card which includes these details, or a recent bank statement). If not you can pay by cash or card at a rate of £35.99 instead.

If you fancy bagging yourself a subscriptions bargain, head to the Sidewalk and Mpora stand in the NASS retail village/cowshed and hook yourself up.

Bloggings Ben Grove, Gav Coughlan, Andy Scott and Sam Beckett due in the morning - stay tuned...