Here's the second part of our three-part Sidewalk Raconteurs mini documentary focusing on Bradford-born ripper, musician and general life inspiration Doug McLaughlan.

With Dougy's early life and introduction to the world of sponsored skateboarding covered in Part 1, this episode picks up on his time as the bass player for highly regarded band with deep skateboarding connections, Gentlemans Pistols.

Self-taught and unable to read music, Dougy took to the bass guitar with the same infectious enthusiasm as he did with skateboarding and Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 2 with Doug McLaughlan covers this period in his life, mixing his twin passions of skateboarding and music as the vehicle to embark on even more voyages around the globe.

As you'll no doubt be expecting, Doug regales us with various amusing tales from his time playing live gigs and touring the globe in his inimitable style.

From shows in the French Alps, to sold-out gigs in Japan, once again Doug has been everywhere and done everything and as always, has the best anecdotes.

So without further ado - here's Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 2 with Doug McLaughlan.


Music by: Electric Octopus 'Mystery' -

The third and final episode of Sidewalk Raconteurs will drop next Friday and deals with the unprovoked attack that left Doug in intensive care following brain surgery and his subsequent recovery and rehabilitation.

If you didn't catch Part 1 of Sidewalk Raconteurs already, hit the link in this sentence to catch up on Doug's early life in Bradford.

Below you can find some more archive photos shot during the period discussed in Part 2 courtesy of Andy Horsley and Chris Johnson.

Once again - big thanks to Manhead, Avid and Lee Rozee for their help with this project.

Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 2 with Doug McLaughlan backside 180 wallie Liverpool Photo Chris Johnson dougbacksidewallieweb
Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 2 with Doug McLaughlan Backside tailslide Dustbowl Leeds  Photo Andy Horsley dougbacktailweb
Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 2 with Doug McLaughlan frot blunt Nottingham Photo Andy Horsley dougfbnottsweb