Unless you live under a well secluded rock and shelter away from anything that resembles the UK skate media, you should already be aware that our full length “In Progress" DVD has been in skate stores around the country for a good couple of months now. If you bought the DVD, you probably noticed that the disc is evidently lacking any extra features, unused footage or other bonus material that you'd usually expect to be greeted with.

If you were wondering what was going on with the unused footage from “In Progress" you'll be pleased to learn that we've spent the last couple of months working away on the leftover footage from the project, and the resulting “In Progress – The Bonus Disc" will be coming free as a covermount with next months issue of the mag.

“In Progress – The Bonus Disc" is another 30 minute long video, made up of full parts from Mark Baines, Josh “Manhead" Young, Vaughan Baker and Nick Remon, Barney Page, Conhuir and Denis Lynn and Harry Lintell, with appearances from Carl Shipman, Tom Harrison, Chris Jones, Nicky Howells, James Foster, Keith Walsh, and countless other heads from all over the UK and beyond.

In addition to the main Bonus Disc feature, most of the sponsors of the production have come through with special edits for the disc, so start expecting all new clips from Etnies, DC, Bones, Howies, Vans, WESC, Enjoi, Superdead and Monster.

This will be your only chance to get your mitts on the Bonus Disc, so be sure to stick some funds on one side now to avoid missing out!