On the cover: We can't big this construction up enough. Jimmy's skateboard tee-pee scores the cover of issue 208 simply because it's so epic.

Jimmy Boyes: The Durham Apache - Clear your head, find a park bench and read this. Seriously...

Haunts: Josh Cox - Check out Josh's love for Holsten Pils and a unique choice of spots.

Sacktap: Sam 'SPT' Taylor - Our first pen wielding victim gets his sack tapped - enjoy.

Missing in Ashford: Harry Lintell - 2014 gets itself ready for the reinvigorated Harry Lintell. BOOM indeed.

A Nation of Shopkeepers: Leon Walton - Before departing for the bright lights on London, Leon Walton spilled the beans about Yorkshire skateboard retail.

PLUS - Rikk Fields and Tom Hewlett First Lights, DC Big Three in Bristol, a massive Witness and more!