For those of you that don't know, here is why you are about to view various forms of media based around a convention center in San Diego.

ASR is the annual "action sports" tradeshow that is held at roughly this time every year, where various industry types meet up, browse new product, arrange things and generally ensure that the "action sport" industry keeps ticking over.

Ben and Horsley will be supplying the world with regular updates from inside and around the convention center by way of photos and video clips featuring some of the skating that is going on.

Wish you were here?

Wet Santa tramp.

Street fanny

Street cock!

Mad fun bank yo!

shaver spoon

The Church of shitty bastards

The field of dreams

Blueprint in the house


Check press for details

Benny bad ankle

Happy boy!

And to top off that lot, here is a short clip of some skating that went down on the first day, including Jimmy Carling and Stu Graham, amongst other appropriately named individuals.