The second and final part of Chris Johnson's "Extension" on Fallen Footwear's "Road Less Traveled" tour is ready for your eager eyes below, with another round of unused and unseen photography from the mission. Keep an eye out for the full Matt Hunt produced edits which should be dropping soon...

Tommy Sandoval skates anything and everything. This guy is a machine and a demo unto himself
In the midst of a dizzying demo, the ever professional Mr. Thomas took time out to session this ledge for our viewing pleaure. Cheers mate.
This is just one of the countless hammers which Tommy treated the Truro locals to. Frontside Half Cab Flip just before he laid down a few session enders
Mid way through the Truro demo and Garrett started of the Pier 7 session with a Nollie Frontside Noseslide
Jamie made the Truo Hubbas a little more friendly with some wax
After watching Tommy and Dane shut Truro's stairs down, Nick headed over to the more manageable area of the Plaza for quick Front Blunt
Jack Curtin-Backside Smith-180 Out-Truro
The first spot of our night mission in Newquay town centre and again we were saved by the trusty candle
Man on a mission