Following on from yesterday, cast your eyes below for part 2 of our "Extension" online feature bringing you more Chris Johnson photography from the Volcom UK "Viva Volcom Vacation" American road trip.

Addition snaps with Harry Lintell, Gav Coughlan, Nick Stansfield, Ben Raemers and co await underneath - check back tomorrow for part 3.

1-We'd arrived
2-A damp start and Nick got all Taxi Driver on Harry
3-Harry was packin' heat too
4-Stanners threw shapes over a classic curb cut to hydrant
5-The Whip
6-Jake 'TCB' Smith was on taxi duties
7-Harry destroyed himself on the first day
8-These things are everywhere
9-We managaged to Kid Nap Mr Raemers for a few days
10-Manzoori and Raemers lined up the best LA spots for us
11-Injured but happy