To coincide with the full article in the latest mag and the arrival of the full video clip of the trip on Friday, Chris Johnson brings you a four part "Extension" with more from Volcom UK's "Viva Volcom Vacation" Stateside outing.

See below for additional photography from Harry Lintell, Gav Coughlan, Nick Stansfield, Ben Raemers and co, then check back tomorrow for part 2.

2-Gav Coughaln
3-Nick Stansfield
4-Ben Raemers
5-Geoff Rowley
6-David Gonzales
7-Louie Lopez
8-Jake Smith (Volcom US Team Management Team)
10-Kevin Parrott (Mr Volcom UK)
11-Sechwan (Volcom Team House stow away and all round hype machine)
1-Harry Lintell