Continuing on from yesterday, today Chris Johnson brings you another bunch of addition photography and snapshots from the UK Quiksilver team as they explore Brazil, featuring Ross McGouran, Sam Bosworth, Dan McDermott, Pete King, TM Stenti and Brazilian hook up Otavio Neto.

Have yourself a peruse below, then head back tomorrow for part 3.

Part 2-1 This thing was so old, it crumbled when you skated it
Part 2-2 Brazil Lifestyles-6
Part 2-3 James gettin' his media on
Part 2-4 You don't find that outside your local travel lodge
Part 2-5 The tropical climate closed in and respreshed us after a heated session
Part 2-7 Race you to the top
Part 2-8 With the rain set in we hit the beach for some cliff jumping
Part 2-9 Surf's up
Part 2-10 That's right, get it out of your system
Part 2-11 More rain as night fell