In February we were invited out to a media day at the Sole Tech Institute in LA to witness the testing process for shoes and learn a bit about the company.

Check some snapshots and a bit of footage from the day, then pick up the latest issue of the mag for the full article.

Not a bad sight to greet you after almost 24 hours of traveling and delayed flights.

Sole Techs Ashton Maxfield, right before I took all his money in a few heated games of dice. Beginners luck? Yup.

View from the door, Newport Harbor. Beats Rawsons Textiles, I tell you.

Skatepark of Tampas Ryan Clements, with Rob lurking in the background.

Some of Pierre Andres gallery artifacts.

Pierre Andre and Ashton Maxfield.

Transworlds Blair Alley. This dude's a beast, go check his digital empire out now.

Don't mess with Don Brown. You might find yourself covered in taco salad.

Jim Determan talking feet.

You know I got sole...etc.

Scotty Cox, dropping lyrics, not bombs.

Pierre and Don.

Carry on to page 2 for more snaps and footage...

Just in case you wondered what the logo looked like, here it is attached to a massive building!


Reynolds wasn't there on the day, but we got to see a short video of him talking about his new shoe. It was a bit like what happens when Madonna or whoever can't show up to the Brit Awards.

Mikey Taylor was their to confirm his departure from DVS and new home of Etnies.

Mikey Taylors debut Etnies shoe...

Don Brown, OG Pig City represent.

The Etnies park, check the footage for some, well, footage.

Picture of (free) health.

Pierres lofts, AKA home for a couple of days.

Free proddy...

Video blog from the day, with some skating towards the end.