The latest mag should be on the shelves of shops, on the counter of your SOS and on coffee tables up and down the land, so never has there been a better time to bring this lot to your attention...

The still hijacked Blogs Page is currently housing:

Simon Skippterview: Check Skipps section from the 2004 OG Distribution DVD "Never Been Loved".

Haunts: Paul Regan: A selection of footage from out there in interweb-land.

Cuba: Unedited: Alan Morrisons full article on the Cuban skate scene, with plenty more snapshots not seen in the mag.

First Light: Jason Caines: Check Jasons part from Birmingham scene video "The Party Team"

First Light: Sam Taylor: Some moving images featuring Leicesters best known blogger.

Who Is Dave Bachinsky?: "Bachinsky Gone Wild" mini ramp daftness.

Not found on the Blogs Page but still worthy of your attention is the Flip Feast Tour Blog from last December.

And, last but not least, this months competitions can be entered over on the Competitions Page, with plenty of prizes from Krooked and Enuff.