Yep, we are continuing our hijack of the Blogs page for the foreseeable future...

Anyway, see in 2008 with this lot...

Haunts: Louis Cooper: Louis banging section from Slim Jims "Cheese on Tape" (2006).

First Lights: Aaron Sweeney and Paul-luc Ronchetti: Short edits from both of this months First Light recipients.

Silverscreen: Fully Flared: The first seven of Lakais "Fully Flared Footage Vault" clips.

Eastbourne Downhill: Footage from 2007s annual downhill event.

Cliche Gypsy Tour 2007: Watch the Cliche team and special guest Fred Gall battle it out against nature, each other and common sense.

All this can be found as of now on the Blogs page.

This months competitions are up now on the Competitions page. Go win yourself some product courtesy of Lakai and Elwood!