As promised last month, we have continued our hijacking of the disused Blogs section to house our online content which ties in with articles in the mag.

Anyway, for the fantastic month of December we have...

Bristol Unplugged: An exclusive online only 5 minute edit, featuring brand new footage from the likes of Korahn Gayle, Ben Miners, Boyo, Danny Jack, Ben Nordberg, Andrew Makepeace and many more! Also featuring profiles with 5050, Workshop and Shiner.

Haunts: Scott Whitaker: Check out his section from Unabombers "Urbane Mob", as well as a selection of footage from Prolific.

Hometown: James Gardners Hereford: James's part from the fantastic 2006 Hereford based production "Malajusted", by Mr J. Gardner and Mr N. Kenny.

RE-Tales: Slam City Skates: Bonus snapshot gallery. Yes, that's correct, photos of a shop.

All that lot can be found waiting for you on the Blogs page as of now!

Also, in the Events page you can find the footage from:

War of the Roses 3: Burnley and Leeds

Wild in the Parks: Volcom in Aberdeen

The House Comp 2007: Triumphing over acts of God in South Yorkshire.

If everything goes to plan, the site will be getting a face-lift in the new year, meaning we will be giving stuff like this a proper home. Roll on 2008!