Every issue of Sidewalk from here on in will come accompanied by as much exclusive online content as we can possibly bring you. Exclusive videos, photos, archive material and anything else suitable will be uploaded to the site on the day that the mag drops through your door and can be found temporarily occupying the Blogs page until the site gets a total reworking in the new year. After this date there will a specific part of the site dedicated to housing this, but for now we have to make do with what we've got.

Anyway, to start the ball rolling, this months online installment comes in the form of:

Haunts: Chris Jones - A selection of Chris Jones offcuts and a trailer for new Welsh based board company, Crayon. Courtesy of Matthew Ryan.

Hometown: Vaughn Baker - Vaughns section from the 1997 Ideal shop video by Andy Evans, "Chillin'".

Adidas Europe in Berlin - A "Who's Who" section to introduce you to the skating of those that you may not be familiar with yet, and a bonus Snapshots gallery from the trip.

Terrain Spotting: Wirksworth, Derbyshire - Josh "Manhead" Young and Danny Beall produce video evidence of skateboarding at the park in question.

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