Scram Skates presents the latest in their series of regular online edits, 'scramvertgreenlake' - an imaginatively titled compilation of footage filmed at the Scram compound vert ramp and Seattle's Green Lake Skatepark, with a touch of the recently resurfaced Orcas Island for good measure. This one has plenty of banging Nolan Johnson footage contained within (a rarer sight in recent times) as well as various other members of the Scram family, but the show is definitely stolen by Jesse Lindloff - whose stalled varial inverts and other upside down hand turns are starting to reach Jeff Hedges levels of gnarliness and whose lines around the pool bowl at Green Lake towards the end of the edit are ridiculous. Pure gnar, keep an eye out for this dude!

For those who haven't become aware of Scram yet, the brainchild of Nolan Johnson mostly involves a group of rippers with a shared love of THC, obscure 80s vert tricks and the obscure annals of dub music; making their videos come across as a strange audiovisual mash up of Zorlac's Zero Hero, Natural Koncepts and an afternoon exploring King Tubby's back catalogue. Based out of the top end of the Pacific Northwest, they've been quietly picking up some of the gnarliest transition skaters in Washington State and releasing some of my favourite edits of the last couple of years.

For an interview on Scram's inception which will most likely leave you non the wiser, check out Nolan Johnson's interview with Kingpin Magazine when they first started out via the text below...

"I think Scram’s always been with us under all different names like Sorcery, Just Nipples, a//flux, and now Scram. I’ve always had the lil’ edits with friends and that's what I really love to do. Create things with like minded orbs."