Scram Skates in Arizona

The Scram Skates crew heads West to Arizona to hit numerous backyard pools, concrete wonderlands and even a lonely handrail in 'Enter The Dragon', which should scratch your 80s trick worship itch admirably. More eggplant variations than you can shake an aubergine at, the crustiest of curvy water features and a healthy grasp of UK anarcho punk - with the crunchy dub punk of Inner Terrestrials backing the shorter edit and the droning melodies of Zounds kicking off the extended mix you can almost taste the stale tang of apple free cider - should have you realising that this is aimed at a very specific audience. If you live for the days when Shane O'Neill drops a new video then this probably won't be the clip for you, but if you like your skating and editing raw as fuck and your inverts stalled then press play immediately. The short edit and the beginnings of the extended version might have more in common with the Just Nipples clips which were progenitors of the company, but the majority of the longer clip is pure Scram dub/reggae worship which is married to pool skating with a surprising level of synchronicity.

Featuring Chris Cope, Jesse Lindloff, Nolan Johnson, John Worthington and the rest of the squad.

Scram Skates formed from the ashes of the original Welcome Skateboards team and the brain of Nolan Johnson, based out of the concrete haven that is the Pacific Northwest and with a modus operandi of pool destruction and late 80s board shape/trick bag worship. This has seen them pick up some of the gnarliest transition underdogs in that corner of the United States, which definitely shows on a trip video like this where everything in sight is annihilated via footplants, inverts and good old fashioned truck-to-coping destruction. All hail Scram! Go read Nolan's interview with Kingpin from a couple of years' back for more information (sort of).