The Ipath UK crew, consisting of Harry Lintell, Eddie Belvedere, Rob Smith, Adam Moss, special guest Andy Scott, TM Tez and Kevin Parrott on general lurking/filming duties, are in Scotland for the bank holiday weekend, spending a couple of days in Edinburgh before continuing on to the War of the Thistles weekender which kicks off today in Dumbarton. We'll be getting bloggings from the road to share with you throughout their mission, so see below for a slightly delayed collection of happenings from day one, with the rest of the blogs due after the weekend.

Snaps and words by Tez!

"Banging first day on the road, drunken Belvedere before 11am, chilled drive up through the UK's best scenery, dry weather at the UK's best new 'crete. Street schralpage round Edinburgh...bed time shortly then same again tomorrow!"