After last weeks coverage of the powerhouse skating of O.G. Hull ripper Mr Scott Palmer, here we see him stamping his skateboard into the floor via ten high-powered lines.

A turbo kickflip, backside 180 down the first set and switch frontside 180 down the next in a line makes for a solid start to this post and a demonstration of why fast=good.

Another one down the same stair set as above, again at ridiculously high speed for maximum danger.

This one should really be re-upped regularly.

As the man himself said in a later Slam interview, "If it ever gets boring, take an extra push"; this line embodies that mentality.

Palmer approaches London Bridge stair set at mach ten going backwards for a switch frontside 180 down, after a back tail fakie on the lesser skated ledge.

However you look at it, that's a lengthy switch crook for a no push line!

This Hull spot is fairly gnarly and hard to skate; obviously Palmer approaches it in the gnarliest, hardest way.

A lesson in stomping your tricks via a feeble grind, bench ollie and backside flip down some long steps.

Another LAF banger, rapidly picking up speed and ending in a switch frontside 5-0 revert; the more speed he picks up, the more in control he seems.

Backside 180 over a cone in preparation for a snapped frontside half cab flip caught high and sent down some stairs.

Palmer's frontside flips are scarily dialled, so it seemed appropriate to finish this post with one; in this case led into by the wildest possible switch frontside 180 steez into a bank at a classic Catalonian spot.