Part 2 - Science Skateboards - The Important Nothing

Following on from last week's release of Part 1, here's the second section of Science Skateboard's inaugural full-length video 'The Important Nothing'.

Part 2 of The Important Nothing features Science Skateboards riders and associates Ben Cruickshank, Dan Beall, James Coyle, Albert Gesswein and SF friends Tony Manfre, Oudalay Philavanh, John Lindsay, Tom Brinkerhoff, Brett Nichols, Evan Collisson, Courtland Donaldson, Daniel Weinstein and Grundgy Mike.

Part 2 filmed by Chris Morgan, Matt Hirst, Felix Coonan, Mark Baines, Josh Clarke, Rye Gray, Tom Brinkerhoff, Daniel Weinstein and crew, Bobby Brown and Mark Kirkland.

Click here to see part 1 of The Important Nothing with Sam Taylor, Pete Buckley and friend Luka Pinto.

For more information on Science Skateboards, check out this recent interview with Chris Morgan, owner of the brand.

The Important Nothing was filmed by Chris Morgan, Jake Harris, Trombone, Klavs Laivenieks, Luka's mates, Katsuhiro Abe, Jake Martinelli, Felix Coonan, James Coyle and Bryce Campbell.

Intro photography by Kev Williams.

Edited by Chris Morgan.

Cover photo: Dan Beall - fs flip, Retford by Alex Burrell

Click the link here for more information on Science Skateboards

Hard copy DVDS are still available here.

Science - The Important Nothing (Part 2). from Science Skateboards on Vimeo.