Forum readers will already be aware of this, but for those that aren't, read the words below then sign Toby Shualls petition. It will take 30 seconds max and every signature helps. As with the Harrow skatepark petition, the only requirement is that you are a UK citizen, so hassle your parents, your friends, your friends parents, sign it on behalf of your elderly Aunt, do what you can. Southbank needs to be preserved.

"Since the early seventies ‘the Undercroft’ (the sheltered area beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall on London’s Southbank) has served as the home of the skateboarding community in the UK. It’s an open public-space that has brought together thousands of young people, from various backgrounds, over the last 35 years to form a harmonious and positive community. This type of positive and ‘unorganised’ activity for young people is very rarely seen elsewhere in the UK today… However the area is now being rapidly redeveloped and the future of ‘the Undercroft’ is uncertain. Already a large part has been partitioned off behind large wooden hoardings. Please join us in petitioning the government to guarantee that the site is: (A) returned to its previous state (allowing the general public and skateboarders open access to the full area), and (B) officially protected and preserved for future generations of the skateboard community to use."

Sign the petition:

Mike Wright and Chewy Cannon at Southbank...