This weekend we are dedicating our usual space for features to creating awareness about the current "Save Southbank" campaign, spearheaded by long time London local Toby Shuall.

Starting today with an interview with Toby about the campaign so far, and concluding tomorrow with a special Sunday Service featuring a whole manner of Southbank related goings on, we are hoping to bring the "Save Southbank" campaign to those who may have missed it the first time round, as well as reminding people that the fight is still on going.

Anyway, sign up to the Sunday Service now if you have yet to do so, then head over to the interviews section to read what Toby has to say whilst you await some archive Southbank action invading your inbox tomorrow morning!

Check back tomorrow for plenty more Southbank based media...

Sign the petition! Click here!

Old man Snowy throws down a boneless on banks that probably won't be there in 40 years. Photo: Marley